Yorkshire Post (03/Oct/1935) - Mr. Harry Vernon

The following is a transcription of a historic journal article and may contain occasional errors.


Huddersfield Amusement Manager

The death has occurred, at the age or 59, of Mr. Harry Vernon, or Bradford Road, Huddersfield, one or Huddersfield’s best-known amusement managers, who retired a few months ago.

Mr. Vernon went on the stage at the age of eight, and later became a producer of musical comedy, pantomime, variety, and concert party programmes. He went to Holmfirth from Whitehaven in 1912 and opened the Electric Picturedrome. He sponsored a venture for making films in Holmfirth, but the scheme was killed by the War.

In 1915 Mr. Vernon took over the management of Huddersfield Picturedrome. He was one of the founders of Huddersfield Amusements Association, and was president for many years. He was also delegate to the Cinematograph Exhibitors' Association and on the roll of the Cinematograph Veterans' Association.

A widow and two daughters survive him.