Yorkshire Legends and Traditions: Volume 1 (1888) by Rev. Thomas Parkinson

This item is part of a growing collection of Public Domain books about the county of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Legends and Traditions: Volume 1


  • Chapter I: Legends and Traditions Connected with the Early History of Yorkshire (page 1)
  • Chapter II: Legends and Traditions of Abbeys and of Monastic Life (page 22)
  • Chapter III: Legends of Satanic Agency (page 115)
  • Chapter IV: Bargest and Ghost Legends (page 126)
  • Chapter V: Legends and Traditions of Mother Shipton (page 151)
  • Chapter VI: Legends of Dragons and other Serpentine Monsters (page 167)
  • Chapter VII: Legends and Traditions of Battles and Battlefields (page 178)
  • Chapter VIII: Legends of Wells, Lakes, etc (page 204)
  • Chapter IX: Miscellaneous Legends, etc (page 219)

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