Yorkshire Folk-Talk (1892) by Rev. M.C.F. Morris

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Yorkshire Folk-Talk: With Characteristics of Those who Speak it in the North and East Ridings


  • Chapter I: Introductory (page 1)
  • Chapter II: Grammatical (page 17)
  • Chapter III: Pronunciation (page 40)
  • Chapter IV: Idioms and Words (page 68)
  • Chapter V: Forcefulness of the Dialect (page 86)
  • Chapter VI: Specimens of the Folk-Talk (page 98)
  • Chapter VII: Danish Comparisons (page 126)
  • Chapter VIII: Geographical (page 151)
  • Chapter IX: The Yorkshire Character (page 164)
  • Chapter X Miscellaneous (page 189)
  • Chapter XI: Customs and Superstitions (page 206)
  • Chapter XII: The Bible and Shakespeare (page 250)
  • Glossary (page 265)
  • Index (page 403)

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Yorkshire Folk-Talk (1892) by Rev. M.C.F. Morris


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