Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal (1890) Volume X

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Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal

Volume 10 of the Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal was published in 1890.


  • The Battle of Towton — Clements R. Markham
  • Paver's Marriage Licences: Parts IV to VI — Rev. C.B. Norcliffe
  • Cistercian Statues: Parts III to VI — Rev. J.T. Fowler
  • Court-Rolls of Some East Riding Manors, 1563-1573 — Rev. W.C. Boulter
  • Notices of Scoreby and of the Family of Blake — Rev. Canon James Raine
  • Elland Church: Parts I & II — John William Clay
  • On the Præmonstratensian Abbey of St. Agatha Juxta Richmond — W.H. St. John Hope
  • Extracts from the Journal of Castilion Morris — Thomas Brooke
  • The Yorkshire Portion of Leland's "Itinerary": Parts I to III — Thomas Brayshaw
  • Wapentake of Osgoldcross: Parts I to III — Richard Holmes
  • Notes of the Genealogy of the Family of De Eskelby, &c: Parts I to III — Henry D. Eshelby
  • The Templars at Templehurst: Parts I & II — H.E. Chetwynd-Stapylton
  • The Battle of Towton — Alex D.H. Leadman
  • The Dacre Tomb in Saxon Churchyard — T.M. Fallow
  • Royal Grants in Yorkshire — William Sykes
  • List of Peculiar and Other Courts of Which the Records Have Been Transferred to the Wakefield District Registry of H.M. Court of Probate (1870)
  • The Battle of the Standard — Alex D.H. Leadman
  • Court-Rolls of Some Yorkshire Manors, 1572-1573 — Rev. W.C. Boulter
  • The Hospital of Foulsnape in the West Riding — Richard Holmes

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