Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal (1870) Volume I

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Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal

Volume I of the Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal was published in 1870.


  • On the Roman Station at Slack — Fairless Barber
  • On an Enameled Ornament Found at Slack — Albert Way
  • On the Materials for the Topography of the Wapentake of Agbrigg — Rev. Canon Raine
  • On the Word Wapentake
  • On the Flint and Stone Implements from the Surface Soil of Yorkshire — Charles Monkman
  • On the Finding of Flint Implements in the Valley Gravels and Hessle Clay of Yorkshire — Charles Monkman
  • Kirkthorp Mural Monuments
  • On the Painted Glass at Thornhill — James Fowler
  • Ancient Pedigree of the Hanson Family — G.J. Armytage
  • List of Coins Found at Slack
  • Obituary Notice of Mr. John Nowell
  • On Some Civil War Documents Relating to Yorkshire — Edward Peacock
  • On the Painted Glass at Thornhill (continued) — James Fowler
  • Ancient Bloomeries in Yorkshire — Louis C. Miall
  • On the Flint Implements and Tumuli of the Neighbourhood of Wath — Rev. W.C. Lukis
  • A Notice of Henry Jenkins, the Yorkshire Centenarian — Rev. James Raine
  • On Two Heraldic Bench-ends in Great Sandal Church — James Fowler
  • On the Book of Rates for the West Riding of the County of York — Fairless Barber
  • An Original Grant from Edmund de Lacy, Constable of Chester, to his Tenants at Westchep, near Pontefract — Rev. James Raine
  • On Some Anglo-Saxon Graves on the Howe Hill, near Carthorpe, in the Parish of Burneston, North Riding of Yorkshire — Rev. W.C. Lukis
  • A Memoir of Sir Thomas Herbert, of Tinterne, in the County of Monmouth, and the City of York, Baronet — Robert Davies
  • On the Painted Glass at Methley — James Fowler
  • On Some Ancient Inscribed Stones at Dewsbury — Rev. J.T. Fowler
  • The Register of Burials in York Minster, Accompanied by Monumental Inscriptions, and Illustrated with Biographical Notices — Robert H. Skaife
  • On Three Epitaphs in Beverley Minster — W. Consitt Boulter

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