Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1982) Volume 54

Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 54 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1982.


  • Excavation of the Street House Farm Long Cairn, Boulby, Cleveland — Richard C. Barcham
  • Excavation at the Cursus at Scorton, North Yorkshire, 1978 — Peter Topping
  • Two Bronze Age Collared Urns from the Hambleton Hills, North Yorkshire — Raymond A. Varley
  • The Cleave Dyke System — D.A. Spratt
  • The Malton Burnt Grain: a Cautionary Tale — P.C. Buckland
  • Irregular Villages in Holderness, Yorkshire: Some Thoughts on Their Origin — Mary Harvey
  • The Development of Medieval Ripon — William Mackay
  • New Hall, Darfield — J. Birch and P.F. Ryder
  • Henry Johnston and the Missing Lady of Gawthorpe Hall — Pauline E. Sheppard Routh
  • Hedgerows in West Yorkshire: The Hooper Method Examined — John Hall
  • Some Evidence of Surviving Open Fields in the Seventeenth-Century Pennine Dales and the Gradual Elimination of Communal Agriculture — Roger Fieldhouse
  • Yorkshire and the Agricultural Depression, 1730-1750 — J.V. Beckett
  • An Eighteenth-century Census: Wetherby 1776 — Robert Unwin
  • Some Notes on the Size of Fields After Enclosure — W. Harwood Long
  • Obituary: Professor John Le Patourel
  • Archaeology, History and Planning: A Review Article — Philip Rahtz
  • Book Reviews and Bibliographical Notes
  • The Yorkshire Archaeological Register: 1981

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