Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1970) Volume XLII

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 42 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1970.


  • The Yorkshire Archaeological Register
  • Notes on Archaeological Finds
  • The Creation of Brother John Sherburn as Abbot of Selby — G.S. Haslop
  • The Election of John Ousthorp as Abbot of Selby in 1436 — B. Dobson
  • The Family of Longvillers — Sir Charles Clay
  • Four Antiquarian Notes — J.S. Purvis
  • "Foreign" Exchanges in the East Riding — Rev. N.A.H. Lawrance
  • The Painted Glass in Gray’s Court, York — J.T. Brighton
  • The saving of a Yorkshire Estate: George Lane-Fox and Bramham Estate — J.T. Ward
  • Whitby, 1958, Site Two — P.A. Rahtz
  • Recent Excavations at the Slack Roman Fort, Near Huddersfield — J K.T. Hunter, T.G. Manby and J.E.H. Spaul
  • Neville Castle, Kirkbymoorside Excavations 1963 and 1965 — Ann M. Dornier
  • A Lost Link With Lawrence Sterne — J. H. Harvey
  • Aspects of Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Arable Farming on the Yorkshire Wolds — B. Waites
  • William Ramsdenof Longley, Gentleman, 1514-1580 — D. Whomsley
  • An Excavation at King's Square, York, 1957 151 — I.M. Stead
  • Discoveries at King's Square, York, 1963 — L.P. Wenham
  • Pebble Mace-Heads With Hour-Glass Perforations from Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire — Fiona Roe and J. Radley
  • A Lost Cartulary of St. Leonard’s Hospital, York — Diana E. Greenaway
  • Yorkshire Schoolmasters, 1640-1660 — J.E. Stephens
  • Henry Redhead Yorke: Radical Traitor — E. Fearn
  • The Beginning of the Year Among Bede's Successors — K. Harrison
  • The Records Formerly in St. Mary's Tower, York (Parts I-III) — B.A. English and C.B.L. Barr
  • Studies in Commemoration of William Greenwell, 1820-1918
    • Rudston Barrow LXII; Beaker-Cremation Associations — T.G. Manby
    • Five Sherds From Ford, Northumberland, and Their Relative Date — I.H. Longworth
    • Early Bronze Age Timber Graves and Coffin Burials on the Yorkshire Wolds — F. Petersen
    • Some Decorated Socketed Axes in Canon Greenwell's Collection — C.B. Burgess
  • Bronze Age Pottery From Pule Hill, Marsden, W.R. Yorkshire and Foot Vessels of the Early Bronze Age from England — T.G. Manby
  • The Excavation of a Group of Round Barrows on Ampleforth Moor, Yorkshire — G.J. Wainwright and I.H. Longworth
  • The Excavation of Two Bronze Age Burial Mounds at Ferry Fryston in the West Riding of Yorkshire — A.L. Pacitto
  • Esh's Barrow — J.D. Hicks
  • The Mesolithic Period in North-East Yorkshire — J. Radley
  • The List of Ælfric's Festermen in the York Gospels — Janet Cooper
  • Medieval Grave Slabs From the Bridlington District — J. R. Earnshaw
  • York Minster: Notes on the Construction of the Chapter House and its Vestibule — Sidney Melmore
  • Medieval Pottery From York — R.A. Varley
  • The Family of Telford, Nurserymen of York — J.H. Harvey
  • Romano-British Metalwork From the Settle District of West Yorkshire — A. King
  • The Animal Remains From Petergate, York, 1957-58 — M. L. Ryder
  • The Rabbit Warrens of East Yorkshire in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries — A. Harris
  • Personal Mobility in Some Rural Parishes of Yorkshire, 1777-1822 — B.A. Holderness
  • The 1801 Crop Returns for South Yorkshire — D.G. Hey
  • Obituaries, With a Bibliography of the Works of the Late Canon J.S. Purvis

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