Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1955) Volume XXXVIII

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 38 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1955.


  • The Early Abbots of Yorkshire Cistercian Houses — C.T. Clay
  • The Lost Villages of Yorkshire Parts II, III & IV — Maurice W. Beresford
  • Yorkshire and the "Forty-Five" — Cedric Collyer
  • The Chantries, Guilds, Obits and Lights of Richmond, Yorkshire — Leslie P. Wenham
    • Part I. Their Suppression
    • Part II. The Individual Foundations
    • Part III. The Individual Foundations
  • The "Shire" and Privileges of the Archbishop in Eleventh Century York — Prof. A.G. Dickens
  • The West Window of St. Martin-le-Grand, Coney Street, York — John A. Knowles
  • A Roman and Saxon Site at Catterick — E.J.W. Hildyard
  • Two Fourteenth Century Effigies in Selby Abbey Church — Miss A.W. Richardson
  • Rievaulx Abbey: the stone used in its building, with notes on the means of transport and a new study of the diversions of the River Rye in the Twelfth Century — John Weatherill
  • Two Charters issued to Kirklees Priory — C.T. Clay
  • A Stone Axe and Other Finds from the Yearsley District — Susan Brooke
  • Carr of York and the Book of the Bridges — Alfred Booth
  • The Three Crowns of King Arthur — Cedric E. Pickford
  • Two Inland Sites with “Iron Age A" Pottery in the West Riding of Yorkshire — D.M. Waterman, B.W.J. Kent, and H.J. Strickland
  • Two Lost Sites at Stanhill in the Parish of Drax — F.T. Wainwright
  • The Thornborough Circles, Near Ripon, North Riding — Nicholas Thomas
  • Four Bronze Age Finds in East Yorkshire — T.C.M. Brewster
  • Bound Dragon Crosses at Middleton, Pickering — R.W. Crosland & R.H. Hayes
  • The Early Priors of Pontefract — C.T. Clay
  • Alan de Wassand (1257) — C.A.F. Meekings
  • The Timber Roofs of York Minster — J. Quentin Hughes
  • Late Medieval Changes in the Administration of Vacant Suffragan Dioceses: Province of York — Robert Brentano
  • A Priest's Tomb at Beverley Minster — A.S. Harvey
  • Further Light on the Scope of Yorkshire Recusancy in 1604 — Prof. A.G. Dickens & John Newton
  • "Land" and Oxgang in the East Riding of Yorkshire — Alan Harris
  • Roman Yorkshire
  • Obituary Notices: Professor A. Hamilton Thompson, J.W. Walker, and Rev. Prof. C.E. Whiting

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