Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1951) Volume XXXVII

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 37 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1951.


  • Richard Rolle of Hampole — C.E. Whiting
  • The Extent and Character of Recusancy in Yorkshire, 1604 — A.G. Dickens
  • Cruck-Framed Buildings in Yorkshire — James Watson
  • New Light on the Chartularies of Monkbretton Priory — Rev. J.S. Purvis
  • An Old Lithograph of Some Historical Interest and Importance—Peel’s Early Education — J.W. Houseman
  • Herbert Knowles, 1797-1817 — Leslie P. Wenham
  • The Battle of Winwaed and the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial — J.W. Walker
  • The Site of Robin Hood's GraveW.B. Crump
  • Parish Registers — Rev. Prof. C.E. Whiting
  • Henry III's Charter of a Market and Fair at Settle — C.T. Clay
  • Technical Notes on the St. William Window in York Minster — J.A. Knowles
  • A Note on Pews and Stalls — Rev. J.S. Purvis
  • Two Effigies on the East Coast — Rev. Henry Lawrance
  • Carmire Knowl — W.A. Atkinson
  • Memoirs Concerning Sir Richard York (Part 1) — D.G. Moore
  • Description of Cottingham Church, E. Yorks — R.H. Whiteing
  • John Aislabie 1670-1742 — K. Darwin
  • Glebe Terriers and Open Field, Yorkshire — M.W. Beresford
  • Two Notes on the History of Richmond School, Yorkshire, 1745/6 — L.P. Wenham
  • Two Marian Petitions — A.G. Dickens
  • Drainage of the Levells of Hatfield Chase and Parts Adjacent in the Countys of York, Lincoln and Nottingham — A. de N. Chesterman
  • An Early Upland Steading from Lea Green, Grassington — J. Walton
  • Notes on a Tithe Map of Boroughbridge — Rev. Robert Kettlewell
  • An Attempt to Determine the Original Arrangement and Contents of the Windows in the Western Portion of the Choir of York Minster — J.A. Knowles
  • A Forgotten Dispute at Bridlington Priory and its Canonistic Setting — W. Ullmann
  • Lost Villages of Yorkshire (Part 1) — M.W. Beresford
  • The Stations of the York Corpus Christi Play — Prof. Anna J. Mill
  • An Incised Stone from the Free Chapel of Ancres, Near Doncaster — Norman Smedley
  • Roman Yorkshire — edited by Miss D. Greene
  • Obituary Notices: Rev. Hy. Lawrance, Col. C.H. Milburn & Mr. H.A. Copley

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