Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1947) Volume XXXVI

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 36 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1947.


  • Robin Hood Identified — J.W Walker
  • Some Yorkshire Armorial Seals — C.T. Clay
  • The Chapel of St. Mary and the Holy Angels, Otherwise Known as St. Sepulchre's Chapel at York — A. Hamilton Thompson
  • Sculptors and Sculpture in Yorkshire — Mrs. Esdaile
  • Late 18th and Early 19th Century Papers Relating to the Organisation of the Country Against a Possible Invasion — Mrs. Hebditch
  • A Yorkshire Country Parish, 1676-1710 — Canon E.C. Hudson
  • A Worcester Charter of Thomas II, Archbishop of York; and its Bearing on the Early History of the Church of Leeds — C.T. Clay
  • A Municipal Dissolution of Chantries — A.G. Dickens
  • A Lawyer's Journey by Post-Chaise in 1753 — Rev. R.M. Kettlewell
  • The Churchwardens' Book of Sherriff Hutton, A.D. 1524-1568 — Rev. J.S. Purvis
  • John of Brompton Inscription: Whitby Naturalists' Club's Important Find — P. Burnett
  • A Note on Knaresborough Castle — W.A. Atkinson
  • The Doncaster Fee-Farm Rent — Norman Smedley
  • Notes on The Early Archdeacons in the Church of York — C.T. Clay
  • Medicine in Seventeenth Century Yorkshire — J.W. Walker
  • The Cursor Mundi — Rev. Prof. C.E. Whiting
  • Dilapidations in Parsonage Property — Rev. J.S. Purvis
  • Documents Relating to Beverley and District — J.R. Witty
  • Beakhead Ornament in Norman Architecture — John Salmon
  • Captain Henry Appleton — F.W. Brooks
  • William Slingsby and the Slingsby Monuments in Knaresborough Church — W.A. Atkinson
  • The King's Manor, York — J. Stuart Syme
  • Notes on Saddleworth — A.J. Howcroft
  • The Battle of Winwaed (A.D. 655) — J.W. Walker
  • A Note on Sixteenth Century Farming in Yorkshire — J.S. Purvis
  • Two Mesolithic Riverside Sites in Yorkshire — E.T. Cowling & H.J. Stickland
  • Roman Yorkshire — edited by Miss D. Greene
  • Obituary Notices: Lieut.-Col. E. Kitson Clark, John Bilson, and Sir Thomas Lawson-Tancred

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