Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1943) Volume XXXV

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 35 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1943.


  • The Early Treasurers of York — C.T. Clay
  • East Yorkshire Manorial By-Laws — M.W. Darley
  • The Warburton Sketch BookW.B. Crump
  • A "Cup-and-Ring" Marked Stone found at Aislaby, near Whitby — H.B. Burne
  • A Ripon Guild Book — Tom S. Gowland
  • The Early Precentors and Chancellors of York — C.T. Clay
  • The Preceptory of Newland — E.W. Crossley
  • The First Stages of Romanist Recusancy in Yorkshire, 1560-1590 — A.G. Dickens
  • Notes on the Family of Lisures — W.F. Carter & Rev. R.F. Wilkinson
  • Three Seventeenth Century Court Rolls of the Manor of Aldborough — Sir T. Lawson Tancred
  • Pickering Parsonage House and Tithe Barn — E.W. Crossley
  • The Blackers of Blacker, near Worsborough and Crigglestone in the West Riding of the County of York, 1250-1650 — J.W. Walker
  • Excavations at Stancil, 1038-1930 — C.E. Whiting
  • Ripon Minster and its Precincts — T.S. Gowland
  • Extracts from a Doncaster Court Roll — Chas. H, Theobald
  • Some Notes concerning Two Yorkshiremen of the Revolution — Robert Kettlewell
  • Extracts from the Aldborough Court Call — Sir T. Lawson-Tancred
  • The Hospital of St. Nicholas, Pickering — Grace E. Fox
  • The Manor of Cotherston with Hunderthwaite — E.W. Crossley
  • The Yorkshire Appointments held by Walter Whitehorse — C.T. Clay
  • Sculpture and Sculptors in Yorkshire — Mrs. K. Esdaile
  • Notes from the Diocesan Registry at York — Rev. J.S. Purvis
  • The Rectory of Pickering—A Chapter in its History — E.W. Crossley
  • A Note on Bilton Park, Harrogate — W.A. Atkinson
  • Roman Yorkshire
  • Obituary Notices: Herbert Chapman, J.R. Ogden, J.L. Kirk, Francis Villy, Dr. Thomas William Woodhead, E.W. Crossley, W. Hebditch

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