Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1939) Volume XXXIV

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 34 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1939.


  • The Court of Sewers for the East Parts of the East Riding — S.G.E. Lythe
  • Records Relating to a Seventeenth-Century Parliamentary Election — J.W. Walker
  • Excavations at Eastburn, East Yorkshire — T. Sheppard
  • Visitations of the Peculiar of Masham, 1741-1847 — E.W. Crossley
  • Yorkshire Church Plate — Frederick Bradbury
  • The Township of Ellenthorpe and the Brooke Family — Sir Thomas Lawson-Tancred
  • Where Were the Brigantes? — Mary Kitson Clark
  • Iron-Age Settlements in West Yorkshire — A. Raistrick
  • Some Popular Reactions to the Edwardian Reformation in Yorkshire — A.G. Dickens
  • Two Seventeenth-Century Inventories — E.W. Crossley
  • Excavations at Hampole Priory, 1937 — Rev. Prof. C.E. Whiting
  • A Parliamentary Election in Knaresborough in 1628 — W.A. Atkinson
  • Structural Details of a Long Barrow on Black Hill, Bradley Moor, West Yorkshire — Allan Butterfield
  • Sir Patience Ward of Tanshelf — Rev. Prof. C.E. Whiting
  • Viking and Other Relics at Crayke, Yorkshire — T. Sheppard
  • The Organization of Drainage and Embankment in Mediaeval Holderness — S.G.E. Lythe
  • The Origin and Early History of the Kilton Fee — W. Hebditch
  • Statute Wages During a Yorkshire Epidemic, 1679-81 — R. Keith Kelsall
  • Records of Roecliffe — Sir Thomas Lawson-Tancred
  • Two Seventeenth-Century Yorkshire Rentals — William E. Preston
  • The Roman Site at Well, 1938 — R. Gilyard-Beer
  • Notes on the Chronology of the Early Deans of York — C.T. Clay
  • Sedition and Conspiracy in Yorkshire during the Later Years of Henry VIII — A.G. Dickens
  • The Excavation of the Holme Church of St. Nicholas, Beverley — Robert H. Carr & Kenneth A. Macmahon
  • Iron-Age Settlements in Penigent Gill — "W.B."
  • Roman Yorkshire
  • Obituary Notices: Colonel John W.R. Parker and George Denison Lumb

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