Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1934) Volume XXXI

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 31 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1934.


  • Editorial and Other Notes
  • A Liturgical Calendar from Guisborough Priory, with some Obits — F. Wormald
  • Bronze Age Burial, Inglebank Gravel Pit, Boston Spa — Mary Kitson Clark
  • Preliminary Excavation of an Earthwork at Easington, West Yorks — Arthur Raistrick
  • Stephen of Eston, Abbot of Salley, Newminster, and Fountains — Joseph McNulty
  • Old Parish Surnames at Aldborough — Sir Thomas Lawson-Tancred
  • Recent Discoveries at Ripon Cathedral — William T. Jones
  • The Origin of the Family of Warenne — L.C. Loyd
  • Some Remarks on Knaresborough Castle — W.A. Atkinson
  • Iron Age Relics from East Yorkshire — T. Sheppard
  • Early Bronze Measures from Selby — T. Sheppard
  • The Distribution of Mesolithic Sites in the North of England — Dr. A. Raistrick
  • Clerical Subsidies in the Province of York, 1632, 1633 and 1634 — Walter J. Kaye
  • A Roman Settlement at Wetherby — B.J.W. Kent & Mary Kitson Clark
  • The Foundation of Warter Prior — N. Denholm-Young
  • Roman Remains and Roads in West Yorkshire — Dr. A. Raistrick
  • The Parliamentary Surveys for the North Riding of Yorkshire — T.S. Willan
  • The Yorkshire Portion of Lewes Chartulary — C.T. Clay
  • Some Invasions of Yorkshire — Mary Kitson Clark
  • The Anlaby Chartulary — M.R. James
  • The Yorkshire Plot, 1663 — James Walker
  • Yorkshiremen who Declined to Take Up Their Knighthood, 1377, 1500, 1503 — Walter J. Kaye
  • The Roman Villa at Rudston (E. Yorks) — A.M. Woodward
  • Aumbry in Normanton Church, Yorks — G.E. Kirk
  • The Yorkshire Estates of Isabella de Fortibus — N. Denholm-Young
  • Roman Yorkshire
  • Yorkshire Notes
  • Obituary Notices: William James Stewart (M.A., F.S.A.), Legh Tolson (F.S.A.), Thomas Nevin, W.G. Collingwood (M.A., F.S.A.), John Lister (M.A.), and Philip Charles Walker (M.A.)
  • Reviews
  • Transactions of Yorkshire Societies
  • Papers on Yorkshire Subjects in Non-Yorkshire Transactions
  • Yorkshire Bibliography
  • Summer Excursions
  • Undercroft at the Theatre Royal, York

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