Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1931) Volume XXX

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 30 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1931.


  • The Register of the Archdeacons of Richmond, 1442-1477 — Prof. A. Hamilton Thompson
  • The Templars in Yorkshire — Rev. Dr. E.J. Martin
  • Iron Age Sites in the Vale of Pickering — Mary Kitson Clark
  • Customary Milestones — J.J. Brigg
  • Excavations at Knaresboro' Castle, 1925-1928 — S.C. Barber
  • Some Yorkshire Field Names — Tom S. Gowland
  • William of Rymyngton, Prior of Salley Abbey — Joseph McNulty
  • Pre-Historic Burials — Dr. A. Raistrick
  • The Manor of Wetherby — Alf. Brett
  • The "Ston Bridg over Wharf — Alf. Brett
  • Origin of the FitzAlans of Bedale — C.T. Clay
  • The Burghs of Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire and the Watertons of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire — J.W. Walker
  • Editorial and Other Notes
  • Roman Yorkshire
  • Reviews
  • Transactions of the Yorkshire Societies
  • Papers on Yorkshire Subjects in Non-Yorkshire Transactions
  • Yorkshire Bibliography
  • Yorkshire Scheduled Monuments
  • Obituary Notice: John Scott
  • Yorkshire Peculiar Wills
  • Yorkshire Briefs
  • York Penny of Eadward the Elder
  • Summer Excursions
  • A Pilgrimage to York

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