Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1920) Volume XXV

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 25 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1920.


  • The Savile Family — J.W. Clay
  • British Barrows round Boulby — William Hornsby & John D. Laverick
  • Pocklington School Admission Register, 1626-1717 — Rev. Henry Lawrance
  • Ancient Heraldry in the Deanery of Dickering — Rev. C.V. Collier & Rev. Henry Lawrance
  • A Templenewsome Inventory, 1565 — E.W. Crossley
  • The Lass of Richmond Hill — William M. I'Anson
  • Notes on the History of Bainton and its Rectors — Rev. Canon S.L. Ollard
  • John William Clay, J.P., F.S.A. — E.W. Crossley
  • The Registers of the Archdeaconry of Richard, 1361-1442 — A. Hamilton Thompson
  • In Memoriam: Sir William Henry St. John Hope, Litt.D., D.C.L. and Thomas Boynton, F.S.A.
  • Coverham Abbey — William M. I'Anson
  • Crambe Church (N.R. Yorks) — George E. Kirk
  • Memoirs of Sir Marmaduke Dawden, Kt., 1582-1646 — H.F. Killick
  • "Anima" in Elizabethan English — C.J. Battersby
  • The Domesday Valets of the Langbargh Wapentake — William Hornsby
  • In Memoriam: Sir George John Armytage (D.L., F.S.A.), S.J. Chadwick (F.S.A.), and Francisci Iohannis Haverfield
  • St. Mary's Church Beverley — John Bilson
  • Register of York Castle, 1730-1743
  • Notes

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