Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1915) Volume XXIII

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Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Volume 23 of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal was published in 1915.


  • The Yorkshire Arch√¶logical Society: An Account of its Origin in 1863 and of its Progress from that Date to 1913 — S.J. Chadwick
    • George William Tomlinson (1837-1897)
  • The Abbey of Villers in Brabant — Canon J.T. Fowler
  • Proceedings in 1913
  • The Late Tempest Anderson, M.D., D.Sc.
  • Notes on Yorkshire Churches — Sir Stephen Glynne
  • Anglian and Anlgo-Danish Sculpture in West Riding, with Addenda to the North and East Ridings and York, and a General Review of the Early Christian Monuments of Yorkshire — W.G. Collingwood
  • Trial by Combat — William Brown
  • The Fifteen Last Days of the World in Medieval Art and Literature — Canon J.T. Fowler
  • Some Curious Cymro-Celtic Placenames — Rev. W. Kerr Smith
  • Some Old West Riding Milestones — John J. Brigg
  • The Gentry of Yorkshire at the Time of the Civil War — J.W. Clay
  • Roman Piercebridge — Edward Wooler
  • Thornthorpe Manor House — Rev. Carus V. Collier
  • A Hoard of Roman Coins from Halifax — A.M. Woodward
  • Notes

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