York Herald and General Advertiser (16/Oct/1841) - Huddersfield

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.



The trade in our Cloth Hall, on Tuesday, was remarkably dull, owing, no doubt, to the want of confidence which the late unfavourable rumours have caused, but the business in the ware houses, during the week, has been rather better, and more general. Wools are firm.

The late Failure.

The rumours which have lately been so much afloat, and which, from no real reasons being given, have, no doubt, tended seriously to injure public confidence, are now generally believed to refer to the firm of Samuel Eastwood and Co., wool brokers, and partly engaged in manufacturing. The liabilities of the firm are said to be £27,000. On Saturday last, Samuel Eastwood was brought before our magistrates, charged with forging four bills of exchange, but was remanded till Saturday next, to produce further evidence. The fiat in bankruptcy was opened on Monday last. On Tuesday, Mr. Cheesebrough applied to the magistrates to have Mr. Eastwood removed from the Cherry Tree Inn, where he was in custody, and where he did not think he was safe. The magistrates granted leave to Mr. C. to remove him.

Inquests before G. Dyson, Esq.

On Thursday week, at the Rose and Crown, Thurstonland, on the body of Henry Moss, aged nine years, a hurrier at Messrs. Harpin and Co.'s pit, who was killed by the axle and wheels of an empty corve falling upon his head in consequence of their not being properly secured. Verdict, "Accidental death." Deodand 1s.

Same day, at the Rose and Crown, Netherton, on the body of Sarah Hanson, aged 17, who was found hung in her father's mistal, but how she became hung no evidence appeared. Verdict, "Found hung."

On Friday, at the White Bear, Bradford Moor, on the body of Wm. Morley, aged two years, who was accidentally scalded to death. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On Saturday, at the Albion Hotel, Huddersfield, on the body of Ann Townsend, aged six years, who was accidentally drowned by falling into the Huddersfield and Ashton canal. Verdict, "Accidentally drowned."