Yew Green Tunnel, Lockwood

Yew Green Tunnel is a 225 yard[1] tunnel on the Penistone Line, situated between Paddock Viaduct and Lockwood Station.

Death of John Godley (1849)

Almost a year before the railway line formally opened, a group of men who had been drinking at the Railway Hotel on Thursday 26 July 1849 decided to race each other through the tunnel for a wager (reportedly a gallon of ale). When they emerged from the other end, they realised that John Godley (aged 42) of Paddock was no longer with them. After retracing their steps, they found him "lying across the rails with a broken neck, having evidently been tripped up by the rails and thrown to the ground with great violence".[2]

John's widow, Susannah Goldey, seemingly committed suicide in March the following year by drowning herself in the "goit of Mr. J. Crosland's mill" at Paddock. An inquest recorded a verdict of "found drowned, without marks of violence".[3] Tragedy struck again a year later when their orphan 13-year-old son John was killed in a horrific accident at Pedler's Mill, Paddock, where he worked for his uncles James Haigh and William Haigh.[4]


Notes and References

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