Wyoming Lullaby (Bamforth series 5119)

"Wyoming Lullaby" was a set of three hand-coloured postcards published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd. of Holmfirth.

The text is based on a song composed by Lawrence Wright (as "Gene Williams").[1]

The postcards were published as series number 5119.

Wyoming Lullaby (1)

When the sun in sinking in Wyoming,
When the ocean blue is turn'd to gold,
In my dreams I can hear a melody,
In my heart there's a tender memory;
By the cabin door I see my mammy,
With a little baby on her knee,
Then comes back that Wyoming lullaby
Mammy used to sing to me,
When night is near, that song I hear.

Wyoming Lullaby (2)

Go to sleep, my baby close your pretty eyes,
Angels up above you, peeping at you, dearie, from the skies;
Great big moon is shining, stars begin to peep,
Time for little piccaninnies to go to sleep,
Piccaninnies' time to go to sleep.

Wyoming Lullaby (3)

There beneath the pines in old Wyoming,
There's a little world that no one knows,
Ev'ry flower there just means a living kiss
From that mammy, whose smile I wouldn't miss;
Soon I'm going back to old Wyoming,
To that little cabin by the shore,
Then each night I shall hear my mammy's voice
Sing that lullaby once more,
Just once again I'll hear that strain.


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