Holme, Holmfirth and Newmill War Memorial


  • also known as: Holme, Holmfirth and Newmill Memorial Cross / Holme Valley War Memorial
  • location: in the grounds of the Holme Valley Memorial Hospital, Holmfirth
  • status: still exists
  • category: war memorial

The monument includes panels for Cartworth, Fulstone, Hade Edge, Hepworth, Holmbridge, Holme, Holmfirth, Netherthong, Scholes, Thongsbridge, Underbank, Upperthong, and Wooldale.


proud and grateful memory
of these
our sons, who died for
in the Great War
1914 – 1919

The people
of Holme, Holmfirth and
New Mill
have erected the
Monument & Hospital
A.D. 1920

Oh England, sometimes think of them
As once they thought of you

Holme & Holmebridge






Netherthong & Thongsbridge


Hepworth & Scholes

Hade Edge

Second World War

Frank K. Alderson
Herbert Armitage
David M. Batley
Jeffrey Barrett
George Battye
Dick Beardsell
Harry Beaumont
Joe Beever
Robert A. Bennett
Arthur R. Booth
Clifford Booth
Douglas Booth
Stephen Booth
J. Gordon Bower
Hubert Briggs
Allen Broadbent
Stanley Broadbent
Thomas Brocklehurst
Lewis Brook
F. Haydn Brooke
E. Rex Butterworth
Raymond Calvert
Ronald S. Carter
Harry Cartwright
Stanley Cartwright
Frank Charlesworth
Jack Clarke
Arnold Clegg
Keith Dawson
Norman Dawson
Norman D. Dunn
John E. Ellis
Clifford Fallas
Maurice R. Froggart
William Gall
William Hair
Gilbert Hebblethwaite
William Heel
Eric Heeley
Frank Hellawell
Jack Heywood
Harold Hill
C. Irvin Hinchliff
Jack Hinchliff
Thomas W. Hirst
Horace Hoole
Lewis Hoole
Lawrence H. Horn
John Howard
Thomas Howard
Norman Hoyle
Norman Jackson
Harold Kaye
Norman Kaye
Edgar S. Lawrence
Lawrence Lynch
John Macmath
Lawrence McCormack
G. Robert Marshall
Lewis Maw
Raymond Mellor
Jack Mettrick
Colin Morgan
Frank Myers
Tom B. Nicholson
Percy Nuttall
Henry M. Peckett
Kenneth Price
Dick I. Pullen
Fred Richardson
James Ritchie
Jack Robinson
Edward Roebuck
Ernest Sanderson
Douglas Shaw
Hubert H. Stainthorpe
Charles H. Standish
Wilfrid E. Swift
William Sykes
Wilson Sykes
Eric Thorpe
Nathan Tinker
Dixon Walker
Sam Weatherhead
Stanley Weatherhead
Harry B. Webster
Kenneth Whiteley
William Whitmore
Frank Whitworth
R. Anthony Williams
Benjamin Wilson
Albert Wood
Harry Wood
Reginald Woodhead
Tom Birkhead[2]

Historic England Listing

  • Grade II
  • first listed 12 August 2015
  • listing entry number 1428327

Holme Valley Memorial Hospital, and the Holme, Holmfirth and Newmill Memorial Cross standing in the hospital grounds, were conceived together to commemorate the men from Holmfirth District who fell in the First World War. The scheme was led by Dr RH Trotter and funded by public subscription. The hospital (which is not listed) opened in 1919, and the memorial cross was unveiled in July 1921 by Colonel HR Headlam. Details commemorating those servicemen from the district who fell during the Second World War were added at a later date. Conservation and repair work to the memorial cross was carried out in 2007, funded by War Memorials Trust.

Holme, Holmfirth and Newmill Memorial Cross stands on a raised platform in front of Holme Valley Memorial Hospital, in the hospital gardens. It forms the focus of the approach to the hospital from the main road to the south-east. The garden path ends in stone steps rising to the memorial, through a break in the curved stone retaining wall of the platform. Paths either side of the platform meet the rear wall, also providing access.

The tall memorial cross, in granite, consists of a budded Latin cross set on an octagonal shaft with a moulded foot. Draped over the arms of the cross is a carved stone wreath, and a reversed sword is carved in relief on the front face of the cross. The shaft rises from a stepped, octagonal, plinth. An inscription on the front face of the plinth reads REMEMBER. The plinth stands on a shallow, octagonal, base.

Behind the memorial cross, a retaining wall in York stone marks the rear of the platform. The wall is balustraded. Flights of stone steps at each end of the wall rise from the platform to the hospital terrace above. A central projection in the wall, surmounted by a pediment with a broken cornice, bears a granite panel on which is inscribed the principal dedication IN / PROUD AND GRATEFUL MEMORY / OF THESE, / OUR SONS, WHO DIED FOR / ENGLAND / IN THE GREAT WAR/ 1914-1919 / THE PEOPLE/ OF HOLME, HOLMFIRTH, AND / NEWMILL / HAVE ERECTED THIS / MONUMENT & HOSPITAL / A.D. 1920. / + / OH ENGLAND, SOMETIMES THINK OF THEM, / AS ONCE THEY THOUGHT OF YOU. Above this panel and let into the pediment is a coronet carved in relief, in granite. To the left of the panel is a wreath, carved in relief and encircling 1914; to the right, a similar wreath encircles 1919. Both wreaths are also in granite.

Granite panels let into the wall record the commemorated names. The inscriptions are carved, with inlaid, black-painted, metal letters.

(first panel) HOLME VALLEY 1939 – 45 / (50 NAMES)

(second panel) HOLM AND HOLMEBRIDGE / (51 NAMES)

(third panel) (11 NAMES) / UNDERBANK / 30 NAMES / CARTWORTH / (8 NAMES)

(fourth panel) HOLMFIRTH / (50 NAMES)

(fifth panel) UPPERTHONG / (25 NAMES) / WOOLDALE / (25 NAMES)


(seventh panel) (12 NAMES) / HEPWORTH & SCHOLES / (22 NAMES)/ HADE EDGE / 16 NAMES)

(eighth panel) HOLME VALLEY 1939 – 45 / (50 NAMES)


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The following map shows locations linked to those named on the memorial:


Notes and References

  1. Possibly Arthur Coldwell (c.1885?-1917).
  2. 2nd Lt Tom Birkhead of 2/7 Bn Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment. Name added to the memorial in 2022.