Winky is Accused of a 'Orrible Crime (1914)

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  • also known as: Winky Accused of a 'Orrible Crime
  • length: 674 feet[1]
  • released: 8 October 1914
  • director: Cecil Birch



Red ink makes police suspect a builder of killing his wife.


Kinematograph Weekly (03/Sep/1914):

Winky is Accused of a ’Orrible Crime (C). — Mr. Winky, builder and contractor, hurries upstairs to shave. The mischievous child at his father’s desk upsets a bottle of red ink, and is soundly chastised. Winky loses his train while Mrs. W. catches an express and is carried beyond her destination. Then enter the police by an open window, the red ink is taken as blood, and interpreted in the worst possible sense. Winky is followed and arrested on suspicion of having murdered his family, but is released when, his “victims” come to claim him. Released Oct. 8th, length 674 feet.

The Bioscope (24/Sep/1914):

Winky is Accused of an ’Orrible Crime. — His wife and child having gone to “mothers’” for a few days, poor Winky is aghast when over zealous policemen make the accusation. An open window and red ink are the causes. His “victims” return just as Winky is claimed by the law. (October 8th. 674 ft.)


Notes and References

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