Winky as a Suffragette (1914)

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Winky poses as a suffragette lecturer and collects money.


Kinematograph Weekly (20/Aug/1914):

Winky as a Suffragette (C). — Winky impersonates a redoubtable exponent of women’s rights. The enthusiasm is immense. The audience rises “as one woman” and Winky has his work cut out to receive with both hands the cascade of bracelets, chains, rings, and watches. He is escorted to the station by the supporters of the cause, and then, when the train starts, he reveals his identity and disappears jeering and grinning. Released Sept. 21st. length 686 feet.

The Bioscope (10/Sep/1914):

Winky as a Suffragette. — Here he takes the place, disguised, of course, of a speaker and eloquently appeals for funds for the cause. His haul is a big thing, and he reveals his identify at the station, with a laugh, from the moving train. (September 21st, 686 ft.)


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.