Winky and the Leopard (1914)

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  • Reginald Switz — Winky


Winky uses a stuffed leopard to fool a party searching for an escaped leopard


The Bioscope (11/Jun/1914):

Winky, obtaining a stuffed leopard, frightens the lives out of many innocent folk. (June 25th. 755 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (28/May/1914):

Winky comes across a notice announcing the escape of a leopard from a menagerie. He thereupon steals a stuffed leopard from a shop and proceeds to give the brave residents who set forth on the track of the escaped leopard — and some innocent ones who don't — their money’s worth. One of the most ardent of the big game hunters is a pious and over-zealous boy scout, who always arrives just in time to be mistaken for the culprit, and receive the punishment due to Winky — while the latter, as usual, gets all the “beer and skittles.” Released June 25th, length 755 feet.


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Notes and References

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