Winky and the Gorgonzola Cheese (1914)

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  • Reginald Switz — Winky


A spurned hawkeye puts smelly cheese in a theatregoer's back pocket.


The Bioscope (11/Jun/1914):

A piece of cheese is placed in our friend’s pocket with disastrous results. (June 25th. 430 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (28/May/1914):

Winky refuses to buy matches from a street hawker, who revenges himself by inserting apiece of gorgonzola cheese into the back of Winky’s frock coat. From henceforth Winky is an outcast and a pariah among his fellow men. At last he also becomes aware of an unusual odour, which he traces with much righteous indignation to a butcher’s shop. Having set this matter right, he goes off to a theatre. This adventure having culminated in another hasty and assisted exit, Winky falls in with a pack of hungry hounds, who take such an eager interest in his coat-tails that he has to flee, until at last he takes refuge in a house. Here the secret of his misfortune is at last made clear to Winky, and the hounds receive their reward in the shape of the offending coat with its parcel. Released June 22nd, length 432 feet.


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Notes and References

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