Winky Waggles the Wicked Widow (1914)

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Winky and a lawyer conspire to obtain a landlady's legacy.


Kinematograph Weekly (27/Aug/1914):

Winky Waggles the Wicked Widow (Co). — In conjunction with Juggins (a lesser light of the legal profession) a bogus letter is written, professing to entitle Winky to a large fortune provided he marries a widow, and a-top of that, when the widow-landlady has had ample time to make herself mistress of its contents, comes Juggins in disguise, to arrest the prospective heir for debt. The landlady comes to the rescue, the conspirators divide the spoil, Winky with his picture under his arms disappears, leaving the “wicked widow” to discover how she has been tricked for her prying, and to tear her hair and smash the furniture. Released Oct. 1st, length 642 feet.

The Bioscope (17/Sep/1914):

Winky Waggles the Wicked Widow. — As a student of art, Winky is seen to be very impecunious. He catches the widow steaming open his letters and, with the aid of a legal chum, concocts a scheme which cures her of prying propensities. (October 1st. 642 ft.)


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.