Winky Tries Chicken Raising (1914)

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This short comic film was re-released on 3 May 1917.[2]



Winky's neighbour steals his eggs and leaves bad ones in their place.


The Bioscope (15/Oct/1914):

Winky Tries Chicken Raising. — In this, a species of comic narrative, the jealousy of a rival over Winky’s poultry brings along two egg-stealers, who also effect a mean substitution. The tables are neatly turned and the arch-plotter finds himself possessed of eggs obviously spurious and unfertile. (October 20th. 512 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (05/Apr/1917):

Winky Tries Chicken Raising (C). — Led on to breed chickens, Winky is fooled by various pranks, but he gets even. His neighbours teach him it is the best way to help the country over her food crisis, but give him dud eggs, and on enlightenment he produces some screaming fun by the various methods he employs of "getting his own back," not once, but many times. Released May 3rd, length 517 ft.


Notes and References

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