Winky Learns a Lesson in Honesty (1914)

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  • Reginald Switz — Winky


A landlord fools his handyman by sticking 'poison' labels on whisky bottles.


The Bioscope (07/May/1914):

This excellent little comic introduces us to the art of a new film comedian, Mr. Switz, who creates therein the character of "Winky," a joyously funny personage who should rapidly make for himself a prominent place amongst the various well-known humorous figures of the screen. Winky is thoroughly and essentially British, and so is the class of humour which he so liberally dispenses. He is eminently well suited, therefore, to entertain British audiences, who are so often compelled to content themselves with rather unsympathetic foreign humour, through lack of sufficient native talent. In this his first adventure to be recorded by the camera, Winky suffers many amusing agonies as the result of stealing his master’s wine. The latter gentleman, having discovered h's servant’s unfortunate weakness, quietly places poison labels upon his bottles, and then forces a fantastic and painful cure upon the unhappy Winky, who naturally imagines that his theft has inadvertently led him to commit suicide. It is quite an ingenious little story, and it is cleverly worked out. "Winky Learns a Lesson in Honesty" is worth seeing. (Bamforth film. Yorkshire Sales Agency. Released June 15th.)


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Notes and References

  1. Advertisement in The Bioscope (07/May/1914). Modern sources state 610 feet.