Winky Goes to the Front (1914)

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  • also known as: Winky at the Front[1]
  • length: 660 feet[2]
  • released: 10 December 1914
  • director: Cecil Birch



Winky joins the army and is sent to France.


The Bioscope (12/Nov/1914):

Winky Goes to the Front. — While distinctly funny and of good quality, this film is at times inclined toward the style of a certain type of American burlesque. Should, however, down well with thn audience, who will certainly relish the discomfiture of the enemy. (December ioth. 660 ft.)


Research Notes

It's uncertain if this film relates in any way to How Winky Whacked the Germans (620 feet, "Winky causes trouble for a German band") which is stated by modern sources to have been released in August 2014. However, the earliest reference found in contemporary trade journals was when it was released on 5 April 1917 with the following review: "Winky and Miss Lily Word devise a cute scheme for demoralising a German Band, and get a deal of fun out of the adventure. They suspect the disguised sausage eaters, and lead them a merry life".[3] If "Miss Lily Word" is a typo for actress Lily Ward, then August 1914 would be at least 6 months before Always Tell Your Husband (1915) which seems to have been Lily's first acting role for Bamforths.

Notes and References

  1. This is the title which appears in the BFI Database, but "Winky Goes to the Front" is the only title used in contemporary trade journals.
  2. Sourced from The Bioscope.
  3. Kinematograph Weekly (05/Apr/1917).