Winky Goes Spy Catching (1914)

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This short film was re-released on 1 February 1915.[2]



Winky mistakes film actors for spies and is doused.


The Bioscope (08/Oct/1914):

Winky Goes Spy Catching. — The “topical” interest attached to this comic is enhanced by some highly diverting antics. Winky and his assistant, bent upon attaining glory, come within sight of a foreign looking individual vigorously engaged in ill-treating a fair damsel. The fact of a cinema camera close at hand is quite overlooked and the “Count” receives a wet reception. Winky and his friend do not get off scot free and are nearly drowned by the enemy. (October 19th. 545 ft.)

The Bioscope (24/Dec/1914):

Winky Goes Spy Catching — Topical comic, with some very diverting episodes, especially when Winky and Scotty run up against “picture players.” They end up with the involuntary bath so popular in many “comics.” Quality extremely good throughout. (February 1st. 545 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (24/Dec/1914):

Winky Goes Spy Catching (C). — Winky reads about the spy peril and sets forth spy-catching. He catches a number of things, including a cold, but not a single spy. Released Feb. 1st, length 545 ft.


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.
  2. The re-release has the same running length as the original.