Winky Gets Puffed Up (1914)

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  • also known as: Winky Gets "Puffed Up"
  • length: 479 feet[1]
  • released: 28 September 1914
  • director: Cecil Birch



Winky eats self-raising flour that blows him up like a balloon.


Kinematograph Weekly (27/Aug/1914):

Winky Gets "Puffed Up" (Co). — Winky has many charms, but only an ordinary chest. Mrs. Winky, the materialistic, on housewifely cares intent, suggests “Raising Powder,” and Winky takes a spoonful or two. When the evening comes Winky can be seen to be “swellin’ wisibly.” His form takes upon itself the likeness of a balloon — he rises to the ceiling. His distracted wife tries in vain to hold him down, she is compelled to put chairs and trunks upon him to keep him down in bed. Thus swelled beyond recognition he sallies forth, and is forthwith enrolled as constable. There is a burglar making entrance at a window. Winky makes him prisoner and marches him off in triumph, but the burglar jerks himself free, and waits for him, armed with a deadly automatic. Winky, all unsuspecting, approaches. There's a shot. It reaches the mark — poor Winky is punctured in his dearest possession, his chest, and sinks, gasping, to the earth “an empty sausage-skin.” Released Sept. 28th, length 479 feet.

The Bioscope (17/Sep/1914):

Winky Gets “Puffed Up.” — Desirous of becoming a special constable, Winky takes “self-raising” powder to increase his chest measurement. He expands to alarming proportions, but is very successful in certain directions until a wicked burglar punctures him, when Winky’s fall is most amusing. (September 28th. 479 ft.)


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.