Winky Diddles the Hawker (1914)

This page is part of a project to index the films produced by Bamforth and Co. Ltd of Holmfirth.


A report of the filming appeared in Kinematograph Weekly (25/Jun/1914):

The other day, I understand, an unusual scene was witnessed in the principal street of Holmfirth. Several wild-eyed ferocious looking women were observed chasing a man driving a cart which bore a load of fruit and vegetables. On overtaking the cart, they proceeded to pelt the driver with its contents, much to the amusement of a crowd which had quickly assembled. An officer of the law arrived and the miniature riot was at once quelled. No police court proceedings followed, however, as it turned out to be a scene arranged for a motion picture film which was being taken by Messrs. Bamforth.



Winky changes a hawker's strawberries for bad ones.


Kinematograph Weekly (06/Aug/1914):

Winky Diddles the Hawker (C). — The hawker is engaged in the fruit and vegetable business, and leaves his pony and cart in Winky's charge. Awful complications ensue, and the hawker certainly wishes he had never met Winky. Released Sept. 7th, length 436 ft.

The Bioscope (27/Aug/1914):

Winky Diddles the Hawker. — In revenue for a buffeting, Winky sells the hawker some strawberries which “are not as they seem,” and laughs at the receptions received from the customers. (September 7th. 436 ft.)


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.