Winky Causes a Panic (1914)

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Unfortunately this short film has become conflated with the later Winky Causes a Smallpox Panic (1914) to the extent that surviving prints are assumed to be the latter film, despite the fact that the title card reads "WINKY CAUSES A PANIC".


  • Reginald Switz — Winky

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Kinematograph Weekly (18/Jun/1914):

Winky Causes a Panic (C).— An amusing practical joke. — Winky dresses himself in a bear skin, and his appearance at a party brings a sudden end to the festivities. The police are 'phoned for, but the contingent which arrives scatters before the "monster." In the course of his triumphal progress Winky takes by storm a publichouse, and here it is that he imbibes much spirit at other people’s expense, and, by his very excess in this direction, brings his career to an end. Released June 22nd, length 500 feet.


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