Winky's Week End (1914)

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  • also known as: Winky's Weekend / Winky in Prison[1]
  • length: 489 feet[2]
  • released: 10 September 1914
  • director: Cecil Birch



Winky cleans his chimney by stealing his neighbor's chickens and using them as brushes.


Kinematograph Weekly (06/Aug/1914):

Winky's Week-End (C). — Mrs. Winky goes away for the week-end, and her dutiful spouse sees her off by the train, secretly glad, we are sorry to say, at being left by himself for even so brief a space. They lady's parting injunction as the train steams away from the platform is to be sure and see that the kitchen chimney is swept. Winky does this job himself with terrible, but amusing, results. Released Sept. 10th, length 489 ft.

The Bioscope (27/Aug/1914):

Winky’s Week-end. — Left at home, he tries a new mode of chimney cleaning, utilising old Grimboy's hens for the purpose. When Mrs. Winky returns it costs her a goodly sum before her hubby is allowed to come to breakfast. (September 10th. 489 ft.)


Notes and References

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