Winky's Strategem (1914)

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A rejected suitor fakes the rescue of his sweetheart's father.


The Bioscope (29/Oct/1914):

Winky’s Stratagem. — There is much wholesome humour in this production, quite the best of all Bamforth films, and at times, comedy of a piquant, or, shall we say, in the Gallic vein. All is, however in excellent taste, and even though a portion of the business may not be quite original, the whole thing is splendidly done and should prove a highly successful issue. There is a restraint about the production which goes far to enhance the probability of various farcical incidents and some very fine settings in a picturesque pant of “the land of broad acres,” add to its merit as a British production of note. The scene where an irascible father returns, having lost his train, and witnesses a most alarming situation (through the keyhole), will produce roars of laughter. Having got out of one difficulty, Winky proceeds to formulate a novel scheme of rescue from drowning, which will reinstate him in the favour of his prospective father-in-law. How this is managed need not be described, but the situation is both ingenious and extremely amusing. The picture maintains a bright and merry interest, and can certainly be recommended as a most useful comic of a capital and well devised character and good quality throughout its length. Yorkshire Cine Company, Limited. Released November 23rd. 693 ft. approx.)


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Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.