Winky's Ruse (1914)

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Winky's Ruse (1914) - title card.jpg


  • also known an: Winky's Woes (see Research Notes below)
  • length: approx 426 feet[1]
  • released: 3 August 1914
  • director: Cecil Birch



A tramp tricks wine from a publican, who then puts laudanum in the wine bottle.

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Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Cheriton Herald (12/Sep/1914):

[...] a very clever comedy.

Shields Daily News (17/Oct/1914):

"Winky's Ruse" is amusement of the farcical kind, bound to amuse.


Research Notes

The 2006 BBC documentary Holmfirth Hollywood includes a brief image of a trade advert for Winky's Ruse stating a release date of 3 August 1914.

A film titled Winky's Woes was advertised in The Bioscope (06/Aug/1914) as being released on 3 August with a length of 440 feet. Since it is highly unlikely there would be two film releases on the same day with a similar title, it is assumed that it refers to Winky's Ruse.

Notes and References

  1. Based on the IMDB listing of 130m.