Winky's Lifeboat (1914)

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Winky rescues a girl in a patent lifeboat.


Kinematograph Weekly (03/Sep/1914):

Winky’s Lifeboat (C). — The persecuted heroine encounters Winky the coastguard. “May she go upon the water in his boat?” “She may,” he replies, and straightway he hurls her into the stern-sheets of the cranky craft. Her remarks, when she recovers from her surprise, are, it may be conjectured, not those that ladies are accustomed to employ. Released Oct. 5th, length 442 feet.

The Bioscope (24/Sep/1914):

Winky’s Lifeboat. — Witnessing “beauty in distress,” Winky forthwith launches his patented craft, the rig of which is of somewhat doubtful authenticity, and effects a rescue by inflation, a pair of bellows being used. The lady is then towed ashore for resuscitation. (October 5th. 442 ft.)


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.