Winky's Jealousy (1914)

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Winky misunderstands a letter his wife writes to the butcher and hires a female detective.


The Bioscope (19/Nov/1914):

Winky’s Jealousy. — A release which should certainly meet with a pleasing reception, well staged, briskly enacted, and excellent quality. The scenario, while not exactly novel, nevertheless ingeniously shows how a note sent, and returned with an under-written message from the butcher, is sadly misconstrued. The reason is obviously shown, and enables a smart little comedy, free from blemish, and one with quite a good ending. (December 21st. 926 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (26/Nov/1914):

Winky's Jealousy (C). — Mrs. Winky sends a note to the butcher ordering some goods. Baby Winky finds it, and cuts it to pieces with the scissors. Winky finds some of the pieces and puts them together. As a result he grows furiously jealous. He engages a female detective. Matters become very complicated, but eventually the missing pieces of the letter come to hand and things are straightened out. Released Dec. 21st, length 926 ft.


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.