Winky's Guilty Conscience (1914)

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Winky thinks his wife has found a typist's note and buys her presents.


Kinematograph Weekly (25/Jun/1914):

Winky's Guilty Conscience (C). — Winky promises to take his typist to the theatre, but owing to a cold, she writes him a note putting off the appointment. Mrs. Winky decides that hubby's coat needs repairing, and thus it comes that Winky believes that his transgression has been discovered by means of the note. He loads wifey with presents, and thinks all is going well when the letter is really found. We draw a veil over subsequent happenings. Released July 20th, length 540 ft.

The Bioscope (09/Jul/19):

Winky’s Guilty Conscience. — A promise to take a certain lady to the theatre and a forgotten note so work upon Winky that he simply loads wifey with presents. Unfortunately, the letter comes to her hands, when her suspicions are fully aroused, and Winky comes in for a wigging. (July 20th. 540 ft.)


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