Winky's Carving Knife (1915)

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Winky describes to his drinking friends how he fought Germans.


The Bioscope (10/Dec/1914):

Winky’s Carving Knife. — Although, in certain details, very reminiscent of another successful comic, this issue is of such quality, and so smartly done, that it should command success. The incident where Winky interrupts, and settles in his own way, a tap-room argument over the war, is distinctly good. The antics of a very quaint policeman, add a very taking touch to the remainder of the story, which revolves around the purchase of a murderous-looking carver. A comic with, for its brief length, many queer side-issues, and of uniformly good quality. (January 11th. 512 ft.)

Kinematograph (10/Dec/1914):

Winky’s Carving Knife (C). — The bread is so stale that Winky bends the carving knife all shapes, and in despair hurls it out of the window. It catches the “ole clo’” man in the ear, and mad with pain he dashes for the police. Winky goes to purchase a new knife, but stops on the way to teach the customers in the village pub. how the Kaiser’s hosts were “mopped up.” There are many queer incidents before the last uproarous laugh. Released Jan. nth, length 512 ft.


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.