Windmill Inn, Deadmanstone, Berry Brow

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  • location: Deadmanstone, Berry Brow
  • status: no longer exists & uncertain if property still remains
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

The exact location of the Windmill Inn is uncertain as it not shown on O.S. maps of the area, however it was presumably situated on (or near to) Windmill Terrace.

The recorded licensees include Charles Henry Liversedge, Henry Mellor and John Howarth.

It seems highly likely the inn closed in 1885 after the licence renewal was refused by local magistrates at the Brewster Sessions. The Huddersfield Chronicle noted that John Howarth had been previously "fined for offences against the Huddersfield Improvement Act".[1]

Notes and References

  1. "Huddersfield Borough Brewster Sessions" in Huddersfield Chronicle (12/Sep/1885).

Windmill Inn, Deadmanstone, Berry Brow


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