William Sandford and Son, Limited

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William Sandford & Son, Ltd., was a cloth manufacturer based at Underbank Mill, Holmfirth, which was also known as "Sandford's Mill".

William Sandford (c.1821-1896)[1] is listed in the 1891 Census as residing at Springfield, Underbank, Holmfirth, with his wife and five unmarried daughters. The son in the company is believed to have been Jonathan Sandford (1853-1922).

It is believe William was previously in the partnership of Roebuck & Sandford, with William Sandford & Son being in existence by 1885.

An invoice dated August 1948 gave the firm's telephone number as Holmfirth 29.


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Notes and References

  1. Likely born 3 January 1821. Married Lydia Morton in 1842 then Sarah Beardsell in 1859. Had 9 known children (2 sons & 7 daughters). Died 28 September 1896 aged 75.