William Moore (1796-1883)

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William Moore was the Postmaster of Huddersfield for three decades.


He was born in 1796, the son of parish clerk Thomas Moore of Pontefract and his wife Martha (née Tate), and was baptised on 17 March 1796 at Pontefract Parish Church.[1]

He married Martha Townsend. The couple of five children, although two died in childhood.

He successfully applied for the vacant position of Postmaster of Huddersfield in July 1832. He remained the postmaster until February 1861.

In 1848 he was elected onto the first Board of Improvement Commissioners, serving until at least 1858.

Martha died on 25 February 1865 and William later moved to Paignton, near Torquay.

William Moore died on 3 February 1883 aged 87. His body was returned to Huddersfield where he was interred at Edgerton Cemetery.

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Notes and References

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