William Henry Crossland (1835-1908)

William Henry Crossland was a Huddersfield architect.


He was born in 1835, the son of stone mason Henry Crossland (1806-1877) and his wife Eleanor (née Wilkinson), and was baptised on 10 May 1835 at St. Mary, Elland.[1] His older brother, James Crossland, was baptised 7 July 1833 at St. Mary.[2]

By the time of the 1841 Census, the family was living at Longwood House and, by 1845, his father was leasing a quarry at Cowcliffe.

He became a pupil of London architect Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878)[3] in the 1850s. By November 1858, he had set up his own practice in Halifax.

He married Lavinia Cardwell Pigot on 1 October 1859 at St. Pancras, London. Their only child was Maud Helen Crossland, born 10 July 1860 and baptised at All Souls, Haley Hill, Halifax, on 16 October 1860.[4]

By the early 1860s, he opened a second office in Leeds and, by 1870, had moved his entire practice to London.

He entered into a relationship with a married woman, actress Eliza Ruth Hatt (née Tilley), and she gave birth to their illegitimate son, Cecil Henry Crossland Hatt, in August 1877. Cecil Henry later became a vaudeville comedy actor and died in 1959.

Crossland's wife, Lavinia, died in 1879 and their daughter Maud Helen passed away in March 1900.

Arguably his architectural masterpiece was the Founder's Building at Royal Holloway College, Surrey, built between 1879 and 1887.[5]

William Henry Crossland died on 14 November 1908 in London.[6]

Selected Local Works


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