White Star (1915)

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The film was initially announced in the trade press as a production by Arrow Films for the Yorkshire Cine Company.[3] However, by November 1915, Kinematograph Weekly reported that it would be "the first of a new series of Bamforth feature subjects". The first trade showing was held on 31 December 1915 at the West End Cinema, Coventry Road, London.

Screenings of the film at the Victoria Hall, Huddersfield, in July 1916 were listed in the Huddersfield Examiner.[4]

As no copies of the film have survived, it remains uncertain where the outdoor horse racing scenes were filmed. However, one possibility is the Harden Moss Racecourse which was situated 2½ miles to the west of Holmfirth.


  • Queenie Thomas — Iris Ballard
  • Norman Howard — David Marks
  • Rowland Moore — Lord Hawksett
  • Arthur Walcott — Julian Marks
  • W. Willets — Wilson Harley
  • L. Ashwell — Frank Ballard
  • Alf Foy — Stage Door Keeper
  • Syd Baker — Tramp
  • Will Asher[5]Jack Higgs
  • Hetty Payne[6]


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Notes and References

  1. Based on the advertisement for the film in The Bioscope (17/Feb/1916) which described it as "Four Reels of tense excitement. A breezy, thrilling romance of Turf and Stage." However, IMDB states "1,491m (5 reels)".
  2. This is the date of the first trade show screening at the West End Cinema, London. Further trade shows screenings were held in January and February 1916 elsewhere in England and Wales.
  3. For example, The Bioscope (07/Oct/1915) page 44.
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  5. Also known as Billy Asher, this was the professional name of a jockey whose real surname was Sipple. He reportedly appeared in over 480 films riding horses, including the Bamforth production The Chance of a Lifetime (1916).
  6. According to the lawsuit she brought against the Holmfirth Producing Company in 1916.