Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Jackson Bridge, Hepworth

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  • also known as: Hepworth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
  • location: Chapel Bank, Jackson Bridge, Hepworth
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: church or chapel

The chapel was opened in 1809 on land acquired by Uriah Tinker of Meal Hill. The reported cost was around £1,400.[1]

The trustees began to experience financial difficulties by the early 1830s, leading to a Court of Chancery case in 1857. The chapel and burial grounds were auctioned on 14 March 1858 and purchased by the Wesleyan Methodist Conference. By August of that year, the original trustees had reacquired both the chapel and grounds.

An acre of land adjoining the chapel was purchased in 1880 and was eventually used as the site for a Sunday School in 1900.

Declining congregations and structural issues led to the chapel closing in 1969 and then being demolished in 1975. The adjoining burial ground was closed in 1977.[2]



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