Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Church Street, Paddock

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  • also known as: Paddock Wesleyan Methodist Church, Paddock Shared Church, Paddock United Church
  • location: Church Street, Paddock
  • status: still exists
  • category: church or chapel

Built 1872-23 with with "seats for 300" and dedicated on 10 February 1873. Prior to then, services had been held in a cottage on Church Street known locally as the "Water House". Part of the ceiling collapsed in April 1913 and the building was subsequently declared unsafe.[1]

A replacement chapel was built in 1914-15 at a cost of around £2,000.

It became Paddock United Church in 1968 when the it absorbed the congregation of Paddock Congregational Church.

When the nearby All Saints' Church closed in 2002, some of the congregation joined the United Church.

Following an amalgamation with Highfield St James United Reformed Church in 2006 to form the Waverley United Reform Church, the building became a mosque.

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