Wentworth, Wessenden Head Road, Meltham

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  • also known as: Wentworth House, Th' O' Cot
  • appears on maps: 1854 [#18], 1904 [#36]
  • location on map: Wessenden Head Road, Meltham
  • status: partially exists
  • category: property

Now known as Wentworth Farm, it was reportedly a beerhouse known as "Wentworth House" or "Th' O' Cot".

The property was also the location of the Waterhouse Hill Slack toll point chain on the Meltham and Wessenden Head Turnpike road.

In July 1882, Mary Catherine Tomlinson (aged 38) of Wentworth House, wife of quarryman Samuel Tomlinson and mother of 8 children, attempted to commit suicide by hanging herself from a post with some washing line, but was found by her son William. Around an hour later, she left the house again and this time was successful in her suicide attempt. The Huddersfield Chronicle reported that she "had for several years been addicted to drinking, having spent over £200 in drink."[1]

Census Returns

The head of households recorded at Wentworth House:

  • 1841 — cotton twister George Taylor (40)
  • 1841 — coal miner William Dobson (25)
  • 1851 — widow free hold farmer of 5 acres Hannah Taylor (45)
  • 1861 — woollen spinner Joseph Hadfield (26)
  • 1861 — farmer of 4½ acres Hannah Taylor (56)
  • 1861 — woollen burler Hannah Pogson (44)
  • 1871 — excavator & farmer Job Sykes (48)
  • 1881 — quarryman Samuel Tomlinson (39)
  • 1891 — tailor William Palliser (37)
  • 1901 — stone mason Fred Earnshaw (42)
  • 1911 — railway platelayer Jonathan B. Ostle (35)


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Notes and References

  1. "Determined Suicide at Meltham" in Huddersfield Chronicle (11/Jul/1882).

Wentworth, Wessenden Head Road, Meltham


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