War Memorial Shrine, Dock Street, Huddersfield

A memorial shrine to those who lived on Dock Street and Watergate in Huddersfield was unveiled on Saturday 26 October 1918 by Alderman E. A. Beaumont.

According to local press reports, the shrine was situated "at the right hand corner of Dock Street" and was entirely paid for by the residents of both streets. A total of 98 names of those who had served were listed — 82 from Dock Street and 16 from Watergate — including 18 who had died.

There are no known photographs of the shrine and it is presumed to have been lost or destroyed.


The shrine is believed to have been inscribed with the heading "IN MEMORY OF MEN FROM DOCK STREET AND WATERGATE WHO SERVED IN THE WAR".

The complete list of names is not known, although the following were likely included:

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The following map shows locations linked to those who were likely named on the memorial: