War Memorial, St. Bartholomew's, Marsden

The following memorial for those who died in the First World War is situated inside St. Bartholomew, Marsden.

Memorial Window

To the Glory of God and in grateful memory of the

Sailors and Soldiers of this Parish who fell in the service
of their King and country during the Great War 1914—
This window is erected by JAMES WHITEHEAD
a native of Marsden. The names of the officers and

men are recorded upon the adjoining tablet. R. I. P.

Memorial Tablet

This Tablet

is erected by the donor of the adjoining
window in memory of the under mentioned men
who gave their lives for their King and country
in the Great War of 1914 - 1918

May they rest in peace


The following map shows locations linked to those named on the memorial:


  1. Possibly Samuel Sharp (c.1895-1918) who lived in the Colne Valley although no specific link to Marsden was found during research.