War Memorial, Lepton

The following war memorial for those who died in both World Wars is situated at the entrance to the church of St. John the Evangelist, Lepton. It consists of two stone tablets, along with a Lamp of Remembrance inside the lobby.


Lamp of Remembrance
The Lamp of Remembrance

was placed in this Church
in memory of
the men from Lepton
who gave their lives
in the two World Wars
and whose names are inscribed
on the stone tablets
on the south side
of the Church Tower

9th December 1951
Left-Hand Tablet

The Clock in the above tower
was erected by the residents
of the Urban District to the
memory of the men of Lepton
who fell in the Great War of
1914 – 1919

These men of ours, unselfish, unafraid,
went to the world wide fight
forget not how they fought and how we prayed
for England and for right.

Greet them again with tender
words and grave
for, saving thee, themselves they
could not save,

This is the memorial to their
honour and of our gratitude

Dedicated March 19th 1921
Right-Hand Tablet


The following map shows locations linked to those named on the memorial:


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